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The Masters Mantell Challenge

Race details

The Masters Mantell Challenge is an off-road event for club members (aged 15 or over on the day ) that gives every runner an equal chance of winning the Masters Mantell Challenge Trophy. Each runner is given a handicapped time with the slowest starting first. Other awards are given on an ‘age graded’ basis. The course is from the edge of town up to Black Cap and back.

Each competitor is given a handicap based on their recent performances in distance or middle-distance races. Runners will then be started at 10-second intervals based on their handicap, with the slowest runners starting first and the fastest last. If all goes well everyone gets to the end of the course at almost the same time and it is then a race to the finish. The first to cross the line normally wins the trophy.

Starting times for each entrant are published a few days before the race on the masters mantell challenge wiki page. (Full results are published on the same page after the race.) Once entered runners need to arrive at the starting area 15-30 minutes before their starting time to pick up their number. There is no entry fee.

The Trophy records the contribution made to the success of Lewes AC by the Chairman of the club Peter Masters. It is also in recognition of Tom Mantell, a Lewes athlete who made a significant contribution to athletics in Lewes during the 1880s.

The course starts on Hawkenbury Way on the Nevill Estate, at the spot where it takes a right-angle turn. It goes up past the racecourse, passing to the left of Black Cap, then turns back before the gate, and returns over Black Cap and Mount Harry to finish in the meadow approximately 200m from the start. The course has been measured at 5.2 miles.

The Masters Mantell Trophy will be presented after the race.

The 2022 race took place on Tuesday 6th September. The slowest runners started at about 6.15pm and the fastest at about 6.45pm. The expected finish time for all runners was around 7.15pm (shortly before  sunset).

Masters Mantell Challenge winners

  • 2013 Pat Cook
  • 2014 Peter Miller
  • 2015 Karen Morse
  • 2016 Alex Monson
  • 2017 Philip Westbury
  • 2018 Olivia Webb
  • 2019 Stephen Cass
  • 2020 Lauren Morse
  • 2021 Terry Rogers
  • 2022 Mike Jones

Course record holders

Men: Toby Meanwell, 2020, 29:28
Women: Harriet Bloor, 2019, 33:01