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Lewes AC – Covid-19 and club activities

In response to the corona-virus situation, the club has taken a range of decisions and actions.

Since the 17th March, the majority of club activities have been suspended so as to comply with Government and England Athletics guidance. The club Committee will continue to monitor the situation and will notify club members when there are changes.

However, being ever resourceful the club committee and senior coaches have introduced a range of initiatives. These provide club members with a number of both virtual and physical athletic activities.
Virtual 5K and 10K competitions have been introduced for club members together with setting up virtual club v club competitions against other Sussex Clubs. Club members have also been encouraged to enter other virtual competitions. The next step is to go international!

Club leaders are leading small groups of club runners on routes mainly outside the urban area.
Whilst other Sussex tracks are closed we have enabled the club’s senior coaches to have access to the track to coach small groups across all events. These sessions strictly follow England Athletics guidelines.

These activities are communicated to members through newsletters posted on this web site and via the normal mechanisms of club communications via e-mail.

If you are interested or want to find out more about the club and our activities this web site tells you how. Alternatively why not just pop down to the running track at 7.00pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays or 10.00am on Saturdays to have a chat, to see what goes.

Lewes Athletic Club is based at the all-weather track located to the rear of the Lewes Leisure Centre, Mountfield Road, Lewes, BN7 2XG. The club also meets at other venues in and around Lewes which is located in the heart of the South Downs National Park.

The top box on the right hand side of this page gives you a quick link to some of the key pages on our web site that you might be particularly interested in. The second box gives you quick links to some of our recent posts on our web site.

This web site also has a linked and complementary set of web pages called the ‘club wiki.’ These contain a tremendous amount of statistical and other information that is indispensable for the serious (and not so serious) road and cross country runner. The wiki can be accessed by just clicking on the ‘club wiki’ link located at the bottom of the Quick Links box on this page.

In summary the club wiki contains information that covers the following subjects.

  • An extensive record of historic and current time for races ranging from one mile up to and including ultra-events. This page includes a list of club members who are listed in the club’s hall of fame.
  • Signing up tables for those intending to compete at various league and other events and identifying lift sharing opportunities.
  • Individual and club results extracted from the many leagues and activities undertaken by club members
  • Results from a range of individual one off events in which the club participates such as the South Downs Relay, Masters Mantell Challenge and others.
  • Details of the club training sessions for adult members on Thursdays, Saturdays and at other times.
  • General information of interest for the committed and enthusiastic runner