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Success Through Enjoyment

Lewes Junior Athletics Academy

The Lewes AC Junior Athletics Academy enables young people aged from 9 until 14 to enjoy athletics.

It is the philosophy and practice of Lewes Athletic Club that up until the age of around 14 and 15 years old junior members should be presented with the opportunity to be coached in all running, jumping and throwing events. Not only is this good practice but is recommended by England Athletics the sport’s governing body. Over the years we have found that many young athletes eventually excel in an event that wasn’t their first choice.

Starting in the academy for ages 9 and 10 the coaching focus is on developing fundamental movement skills. There is also the opportunity to take part in age specific competition such as ‘quadkids’ which combines running, jumping and throwing as part of the event.

Moving up through the age groups coaching becomes more specific with more event specific competition being introduced. The Sussex League for young athletes aged under 13 years is an important development competition as is the Youth Development League for academy members aged under 13 and under 15. The club also competes in the Youth Development League for young people aged under 17 and 20 years.

The way that the coaching programme of the Lewes AC academy has been designed creates the opportunity for young junior members to develop their athletic skills and to focus on specific athletic events. When the junior members reach the ages of around 14 or 15 their coaching is designed to be event specific.

However within this overall approach the club will of course continue to help all junior athletes across the age groups who have a particular talent or interest in a particular event to progress their talent.

It is also the philosophy, practice and expectation of the Lewes Athletic Club that young athletes when asked and when selected are expected to compete for the club. It is a requirement of membership that over a year young athletes compete at least three times and attend training regularly.

The club has adopted the Sport’s Governing Body Code of Practice for young people. (see the full text of this document under the welfare heading in the grey part of this page) This code sets the basis upon which young people are coached and respected within the club and also sets down what is expected from them with regard to behaviour. The club expects this code to be fully followed by academy members and if not then the club may take action as set down in the code.