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Cross country events take place over the winter between October and March. Lewes AC belongs to two cross country leagues as well as taking part in various championship events.

East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League

The Club is a member of the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League. This is a club team event. Club teams include both men and women across all age groups from 17+ upwards

From 21/22 for a full team the league has increased the number of runners in a team to 20 runners.

from 21/22
from 21/22
Women previously
Senior (from age 17) 4 2 4 2
V40 3 2 3 2
V50 3 2 2 1
V60 2 2 1 1
Total 12 8 10 6

12 clubs take part in the league with some clubs joining together to make combined teams.

Senior age categories for individual prizes.

Apart from the team prize awarded at the end of the season individual prizes are also awarded in all the age groups.

From 2021/22 season the league is adopting the same age categories for men and women so for both the categories are 5 year brackets from at V40 to V70

There are individual prizes for first three men and women in each category based on the best 4 results from the 6 races (or 4 out of 5 if only 5 races held).

Age categories are age as at date of first race.  For individual results men and women are scored separately, the first man scores 300 and the first lady 200 then count down but only including runners from participating clubs.

The events take part on a Sunday morning with the junior events (free) starting usually at 10:00am and the senior event, which is usually about 5 miles in distance, starting at 10:30am.

The dates and venues for the all the events can be found under the fixtures page of this web site or at the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League site.

Sussex Cross Country League

Lewes AC also takes part in the Sussex Cross Country League. The format of this league is different to the Sunday league with the races being run in the respective individual age groups, with the senior age group divided into several divisions

This league divided into divisions takes place on Saturdays and is also an inter-club competition as well as an individual age group competition. For dates and venues see the fixtures page of this web site or the Sussex Athletics site.

Sussex Cross Country Championships

During the season a number of cross country championships are held for the various age groups.

Again the dates and venues of the various events can be found on the fixtures page of this web site or the Sussex Athletics site.

Regional and National Championships

The club also enters both individual and teams in to the Southern Counties Championships and the National Championships