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Welcome to Lewes Athletic Club
Success Through Enjoyment

Social events with a competing edge

  • The French Connection

Every year since 1987 members of Lewes AC have travelled to the Marolles Village in the Loire Valley in France to take part in a series of races as part of a AS Marolles’s running festival.

Also every year since 1986 members of AS Marolles have travelled to Lewes to take part in the Lewes 10 and Lewes 5 Downland races.

As well as taking part in the respective running races there is much eating, drinking and generally making merry over the two weekends. Also some great friendships have been established and maintained over the years. Club members stay with the families of the two clubs.

The weekends are open to anyone in the club that wants to take part.

The trips to France usually take place over the third weekend in April each year. The precise arrangements for travel each year depends on how many wish to travel to France and when the school holidays fall in the month. Some times a coach is hired other times the Lewes AC group travel in individual cars.

Further details can be obtained from Jeremy Wainwright who will let you know what is being planned and arranged.

  • First Tuesday in the month pub runs

To add spice and a certain level of refreshment to Tuesday night training runs each month a training run starts and finishes from a local pub in and around Lewes. All ability groups are catered for with all ending up in the pub for a drink, a bite to each and a chat.

  • Club get together events

Throughout the year various get together social events are arranged. These include sociable meals and drinks, Bar-B-Qs and a pre- Christmas gathering.