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Race Walking

Lewes AC is leading the way with the revival of race walking in Sussex. The county until about 10 years ago was the best in the UK. Whilst it cannot aspire to those levels at present over the last couple of years there has been a big improvement. Last year the entry by Sussex into the all England Schools Race Walk Championships held at Boston (Lincs ) was the highest in a decade.

Lewes AC members have been at the forefront of the resurgence of race walking in Sussex. Over the next 12 months everyone at Lewes will have the opportunity to try the event and no doubt there is a lot of hidden talent.  It will be possible to compete at any level in races from 1K to 100miles (the latter is held once a year and a 24hour time limit is applied).

Currently the club is concentrating on junior competition, but older athletes are required as well. Distances range between 2K and 10K with 3K and 5k being the most popular. There are eight races in a National Junior Grand Prix held throughout the country and as a start Lewes AC will be looking to finish in the top ten.