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Lewes AC – Lockdown News – Edition two

  1. The Jamie Powell Work Out

The sprint group that I lead at the club has been undertaking daily workouts set for them through my work app (Personal trainer level 4 youth exercise and performance specialist). It has daily workouts and activities all scheduled and planned for a 12 week period.

It includes workouts, foam rolling and stretching. It is a general full body approach and not sprint specific although there are plyometrics in the programme. There are tutorials and videos showing all of the workouts prior to you doing them and it’s a really easy system to use. If you’re super keen you can even log your nutrition, other exercise, body fat, weight etc etc. Normally I would charge for this athletic programming but I’am happy during this lockdown period to offer this service to club members for free.

How it works in a nutshell:


  1. You provide me with a name and e mail address to load you on to my system @PT pro-train.
  2. If under 16 a parent’ e mail must be used. However fill out the questionnaire for the participant
  3. You will receive an invitation to download my app
  4. Let me know when all completed and I will fully populate your schedule with 12 weeks of exercise, stretching mobilising etc.
  5. Check your diary in the app and press start and finish for each workout. (It also links with fitbit if you use it)
  6. Let me know if you have any issues my number is 07960 840 936. I can send you some quick tutorials how to use the app after you’ve downloaded it

I hope this helps it’s a great 12 week programme to keep you in shape!

Keep fit and healthy

Jamie Powell

  1. A message from the London outpost

I’ve been doing my best to find the quietest time of day now that all of London is out walking/running/cycling (it seems 5pm is also rush hour for exercising).  Those who know me well will know I’m not an early riser so I tend to go for mid-morning!  I’m in frequent contact with Dave Leach and some of the Lewes ladies so we can chat training and keep each other motivated – as Pete says, it’s important for us all to keep in touch 😊

My ‘track’ sessions are now run around the 1km perimeter of West Ham football stadium in the Olympic Park, and I’m trying out a bit of yoga/pilates in my living room as a replacement for strength exercises in the gym.  With an Autumn calendar now chock-a-block with postponed races there are plenty of goals to focus on!  I’m keeping the mileage fairly high for now as I struggle with the heat in the summer, but with Chicago marathon (hopefully) taking place in October, I’m hoping I can adapt to the weather to get the training in!

Megan Taylor

  1. An invitation from AS Marolles

Many of you will know that since 1984 Lewes AC has been twinned with AS Marrolles an athletics club based in the village of Marolles located about 8K outside the town of Blois in the Loire Valley.

This coming weekend it would have been the Marolles race in which many Lewes AC members have competed in over the years and a number of club members were planning to attend this year.  However as France is also in lockdown the Marolles race has had to be cancelled.  So  in substitution David Taverne the club President has invited Lewes AC members to join them in a virtual run for an hour on Sunday 26th April. This is when their race would have been taking place.

David’s invitation is here together with the e-mail contact address to send in your run details if you decide to have a go.


I Hope you’re all doing well and holding on in this time of lockdown.

On Sunday, April 26, the club was scheduled to organize the Trail de la Grand Pierre. This is the first time since 1976 that the club can’t host this race. We are getting back in 2021.

I offer you a challenge open to all this Sunday April 26th, one that the club’s members can do through either running or walking (Nordic walking, fast or quiet).

The challenge is that during one hour to run/walk/jog as many miles as possible all within a radius of 1K from where you live. Of course, all this while respecting the current lockdown instructions

You then send me your name, first name, running or walking time and the distance travelled. If you don’t have a GPS watch, please give me an estimate of your distance. I will compile the combined results on Monday, April 27

This challenge is also open to your family members, club volunteers, sponsors, friends of Magné, friends of Lewes and anyone who would like to participate.

The goal of this challenge is conviviality, everyone runs or walks according to their abilities, it’s not a competition. The goal is to have the highest number of participants.

On Sunday, April 26th you can run or walk with the club jersey.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

While waiting to see each other again at the club, take care of yourself.

David Tavern 



  1. The Lewes AC Virtual Park Run

Last week Lewes AC staged its first ‘virtual 5k run’. From Thursday through to Saturday 42 runners ran a timed 5k over a course near their home and put their results up on our spreadsheet at:

In fact two runners did it twice.

Fastest men’s and women’s times were by Toby Meanwell (16:22) and Megan Taylor (18:13). Top three age grades were Toby Meanwell (85.0%), Matt Bradford (82.3%) and Megan Taylor (81.5%). Well done to those and to everyone who took part.

If you would like to take part in this week’s event, just go to the spreadsheet and follow the instructions there.

As far as we know last week’s most distant participant was in London, but you can do it anywhere in the world!

Andrew Chitty