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Lewes AC – Lockdown News – Edition one


In sending this e-mail I truly hope that you are all keeping well and safe and managing to find ways to keep fit and healthy. It truly is an unprecedented situation and we all have to find ways to deal with the situation as best we can. I hope that this newsletter and subsequent newsletter helps in a little way to bring some cheer and a little more contact between us in this time of lock down.

We are also asking you to send us some contributions about how you are coping and in particular how you are finding ways to keep fit. We will share these experiences across the club in later newsletters and we will welcome those that are wilder and more unusual.


The good news is that there will be a subs holiday until at least until September. If there is more good news at this date, and the Academy is up and running and the adult side is again functioning, then we will expect to seek subs at this date. This will only be if things are going well and the adult subs at this time will be sought on a pro rata basis.

A number of members have said that because the club has a base line of annual costs to cover they are willing to renew their full subs as normal. Should any members wish to pay their subs now this would indeed be a welcomed contribution.

Those members that wish to renew their membership now please contact David Foster on his e-mail address David will send you a renewal e-mail and details of how to pay


This section is to let you know that in later newsletters we will be telling you about some of the ways to keep fit and keep the competitive juices flowing. One will be the Andrew Chitty Challenge.

  • The Andrew Chitty 3K (or 5K)challenge 

Andrew Chitty in his own inimitable way will be setting up virtual 5k Runs. The choice will be between a 3K or 5K distances. I believe that those who want to take part will need to have Strava and WhatsApp although this is a technology step too far for me!

Each person taking part should work out a ‘flattish’ course near their house. Runs should not be all downhill and should be away from others and no groups. Times should be reported back to Andrew who will compile and circulate a results sheet. Watch out for details coming soon.

  • Internet and social media best bits 

There is much on the internet and social media giving ideas and sessions for you to you keep fit and advance (to some extent) your training and coaching.

I am sure that you all will have already dipped into the best sources that will meet your particular needs. In later newsletters we will aim to highlight some of the best sources that you might like to try. Meanwhile the Sussex County web site is a good source as is the England Athletics web site. YouTube is also a good source.

However I’m sure that you all have better knowledge of this than me and can find your way around the mysteries of the technology jungle. If you have a particular good source and would like to share it please let us know.

  • The Jamie Powell challenge App

Jamie Powell has written out a 12 week plan that can be delivered online via an app. He tells me it is all scheduled and dead easy to follow.  He’s very happy to let club members to have access to this and details will appear soon.

He has about 10 or so of his sprint group signed up to it at the moment and gives loads of good examples of exercise ideas and sessions etc. It includes activity every day and after 3 weeks twice a day. It keeps people busy.


This section is to start the ball rolling to collect examples of what club members are doing to cope with the lock down and limited opportunities to keep fit and train.

We are asking members to share with other club members their personal training/keep fit activities. The weirder the better! Karin has agreed to collate and send out in other newsletters what you are doing.

Meanwhile to set the ball rolling here is a contribution from Matt Bradford. As I have drafted this newsletter I felt that I was also obliged to contribute.  As an isolated ancient person at home it’s amazing how weird some people get.

Matt Bradford: – Matt says – I am keeping fit by running (almost) every day…on my own.  He has set up a gym in his shed (formally his grand office) with a treadmill and exercise bike, so that he and Izzy can exercise twice a day without breaking any rules.

He’s moved his summer ‘break’ forward a few months, which means (He says!) not actually training properly at the moment.  He believes that no one should try and be at peak fitness all year round, so this is a good chance to de-train and get physically and mentally rested to hit it hard again ready for XC season (hopefully!).

Peter Masters: Every other day or so I’m taking 45 minutes to run/jog/walk/stride in the garden.  I’m privileged to have a reasonably largish garden and have devised some laps that I have given names. With names such as the herb bed loop, the long lap (all around the garden) the long strider run(along the side of the house from the front to the back fence 35+ strides) the hour glass loop (around the herb bed and the flower bed and striding the across the cross in the middle) and so on.

In between the garden sessions I attempt some strength and conditioning sessions with sit ups, planks, press ups, lunges and so on. I’m even doing 20 hill sessions up the stairs!

Well that’s all for now for this first edition and I and my colleagues look forward to your contributions for inclusion in later newsletters.

Best wishes and keep safe and well

Peter Masters

Chair Lewes AC