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Lewes AC – Lockdown News – Edition three

As we all struggle on here is the third edition of Lockdown News to try and keep you up to date with some of the activities being undertaken while club activities are suspended.

  1. Lewes AC virtual 5K

Thanks to the sterling efforts by Andrew Chitty the club’s virtual 5K run is being enjoyed (?) and entered by many club members. Having invited our French twinned club to participate we have gone international with our entrants. Daniel Brosse the founder of the Marolles club with his daughter have taken part as have a number of others from the French club.

If you haven’t already participated then the third event is there waiting for you. All you need to do is run 5K between 6.00am Thursday and 6.00pm Saturday and enter your time on the spread sheet accessed by the following link. Good luck.

Here are some brief facts from last week’s virtual run so as to wet your appetite and to set targets for you to aim for.

  1. Total runners 48 – up from 42 in the first week
  2. Fastest man Toby Meanwell 16:07
  3. Fastest woman Izzy Coomber 18:13
  4. Best age grade man Toby Meanwell again 86.3
  5. Best age grade woman Izzy Coomber 81.2
  6. Most distant runner: Sue Zhao (Shanghai)
  7. Youngest runner: Cooper Gagola (11)
  8. Oldest runner: Daniel Brosse (82)
  9. 9 runners from Marolles
  10. Fastest Marolles runner: Yann Dangé (17:37)
  11. The Marolles Grand Pierre Trail Challenge

As the French are in lockdown the same as the UK the Marolles weekend and planned races on the 26th April had to be cancelled. By way of partial compensation the Marolles club invited their members and friends to participate on the Sunday in a challenge. This was that during one hour to run/walk/jog as many miles as possible whilst respecting lockdown instructions.

The Club’s President David Taverne invited Lewes AC to join them. David explained the aim of the challenge was conviviality and was not a race. It is up to everyone to run or walk according to their abilities with the goal being to have a high number of participants.

20 Lewes AC members, friends and dogs participated and Andrew Masters even made friends with a group of deer that crossed his path and allegedly slowed down his time.

David Taverne has e-mailed the results and told us that-

181 people took part in the challenge and covered the distance of 1421 km (running, fast walking or Nordic walking).

This participation is simply incredible; I am really touched by so much mobilization for this challenge. It is a superb reward for the work of the volunteers.

I would like to thank all the volunteers and partners who responded, thank you to the Trail organizers and its coordinator Thierry Pommier.

All day long, I received messages of friendship, sharing, encouragement, I almost felt like I was on our stadium.

You showed originality, some ran 25 laps on the Marolles track, others did athletic walking, 2 Lewes friends living in Spain travelled 9 km each in their apartment (Pablo). A number participated as a family, which was one of the objectives of this day. The youngest participant is 3 months old (with the EVMA jersey) and the most experienced 83 years old.

Many associations participated: AJBO- runners in St Gervais- Les Amis de Magné-Lewes AC and of course EVMA.

Details of this challenge: EVMA: 96 LEWES: 20 AJBO: 17 MAGNE: 15 Runners in St Gervais: 10 and 23 individuals or other clubs.

A big thank you to our friends from Lewes and Magné who have shown us their friendship, it makes you want to meet again as soon as possible.

Another big thank you for your participation in this first (and last) challenge, next year back to the Marolles stadium for the 45th edition of our race.

So much for this feedback, I hope we can quickly meet again on the stadium, that the life of the club can resume before the summer, meanwhile take care of you and your family.

David Taverne – President ASM Marolles

  1.  Use of the Lewes Track

This is just a brief reminder that during this time there is no use of the track and it remains closed. As soon as we are able to use the track we will let everyone know.

  1. Sharing training and keep fit exercises

We would like to share your training and keep fit initiatives with other club members the more unusual the better.

The England Athletics web site continues to up-load more training and coaching opportunities so please have a look and have a go.

Peter Masters