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Marolles – a name to conjure with and to wonder what it means. It is the name of the small village just outside Blois in the Loire Valley in France. In the first year of the formation of the Lewes club we twinned with AS Marolles the athletic club based in the village.

In the early part of the year (currently 3rd weekend in April) Lewes AC club members travel to France to enjoy the hospitality of AS Marolles club members and take part in their races. In October our French counterparts come to East Sussex and enjoy the hospitality of Lewes club members and take part in the Lewes 10m and 5m races.

This year a party of 12 Lewes AC members travelled to France and enjoyed a tremendous weekend nobly wined and dined by our French hosts. With the wine, food and social activities enjoyed by the Lewes party it’s a wonder any managed to run the 10m or 5m races taking place on the Sunday. There were also races for the younger fraternity and a race for couples the rules for which are loosely based on devil take the hindmost.

After the races on the Sunday virtually a whole village picnic takes place with food and wine copiously supplied for all from the French hosts.

The photographs on the gallery on the Lewes AC web site give the flavour of an incredibly enjoyable weekend that is open to any club member and their family to enjoy. Despite the wining and dining it is possible to win an award in the races as will be seen by Sally Norris standing on the podium and the Lewes club contingent receiving very large Easter Eggs and other goodies.