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Rob Mullett makes his mark in the USA and the UK

Rob Mullett who is currently living in the USA and is a long time member of the Lewes Athletic club has turned in two great running performances that ranks him high on both sides of the Atlantic.

In particular his 29mins 22secs time in the Bowling Green 10K race in Kentucky on the 18th October ranks him third in the UK this year.

Beating at least two Kenyan to win the race Rob knocked 11 seconds off his previous life time best for the 10K distance. Not only was this a 10K personal best time for Rob but in the race he went through 5K just one second shy of his best ever 5K time of 14mins 05secs.

The Bowling Green 10K is long standing and prestigious race and was won between 1980 and 1984 by Nick Rose a British International runner. Nick has held the European 10K record, and was National 10k Champion. Nick was also the previous World half marathon record holder. So rob is treading in famous feet.

Moving up a distance Rob competed in the Monumental Half Marathon in Indianapolis on November 1st. In this race Rob was narrowly beaten into third place in a personal best time of 65min o5secs for the over 13 mile race. Dave Leach Rob’s long time coach at Lewes said that ‘Rob is coming into the form of his life and is still continuing to improve and develop as a middle distance runner.’