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Gemma reigns in Spain

Forget all about rain in Spain it is now Gemma Tutton that reigns in Spain. Over two weeks in May in Malaga in Spain Gemma, as a Lewes AC under15 athlete, broke three club records, one Sussex County record and put herself second on the UK all time pole vault rankings with a 3.70m pole vault.

The first Lewes AC club record to be broken on the 6th May was the shot putt record of 8.92m previously set 18 years ago by Natasha Moore at Croydon. With a putt of 9.33m in Malaga Gemma now leads the club’s U15 shot putt rankings.

Not content with the one broken record Gemma on the 13th May went on the break the club’s high jump record that was set in 2003 by Melanie Davis with a jump of 1.56m. Gemma’s leap of 1.59m now replaces this 15 year old record.

Moving to the weekend of the 19th May it was during this competition that Gemma achieved major success with her pole vault jump of 3.70m. Not only is this a new Sussex County record to replace her own year old record of 3.46m it also beats the old club record of 3.20m. This was set in 2012 by Livvy Connor.

The vault of 3.70m by Gemma also places her second on the UK All Time records just behind Hannah Olson who vaulted 3.80m in 2002. It places Gemma well in front of the previous second best UK vault of 3.50m set by Fiona Harrison over 20 years ago in 1996.

Truly a remarkable set of performances. It must be the sun in Spain that works its magic and not the rain.